Windows Secure Login - Frequently Asked Questions    

Q. What operating systems does it support?
A. Windows Secure Login is designed specifically for Windows 95/98/ME, although it has not been tested on Windows ME. Because it prevents the user from bypassing the login password it is ideal for these operating systems. Under Windows NT/2000/XP, this level of security isn't required since all users must enter a password in order to gain access to the system (unless there is no password defined in the case of Windows XP).

Q. How do I install this software?
A. First download the wslsetup.exe application to your hard drive - make sure you take note of where you have saved it. When it has finished downloading, double-click on the wslsetup.exe application. The installation process is simple and quick.

Q. What is the password?
A. The default password is achieve (all in lowercase). You can change this at the Login screen for Windows Secure Login.

Q. What do I do if I forget my password?
A. You will need to start your machine in MS-DOS (Command Prompt) mode and locate the wsl.ini file. This file will be in the same directory that you installed Windows Secure Login into. Delete this file to reset the password to the initial default.

Contact us if you need help with this process.