Interactive Voice Response Systems    

An IVR system is typically an automated answering system that can handle multiple calls at once. Some uses of these systems include 800 and business phone number and overflow lines, chat lines, 900 competition and game lines, automated fax-back services, and customised PABX systems.

These systems are designed to take hundreds, or even thousands, of calls simultaneously. The callers interact with the system by pressing buttons on their phone. This interaction is usually in the form of menu selections, phone number entry, or login and password entry.

In some cases, the callers can even interact with the system via spoken commands. The performance of voice recognition, as this is called, is improving all the time.

Achieve Software has been working with IVR systems since 1993. We cover all aspects of them, including IVR system development, IVR application development (including both scripted and graphical user interfaces), and technical support for both the hardware and software.

See our Products page for information about our IVR System and associated utilities.

    IVR Applications    

If you have an existing IVR system and need an IVR application developed for it, then we are able to help. We have worked with a wide range of IVR systems that use both scripted and graphical user interfaces. Even if we have never encountered your particular system before, with our experience we can quickly and easily learn how to develop applications (at no cost to you) and produce a solution that fits your requirements - subject to your particular system being able to do what is required.

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